2006 Employer of the Year: Tumbador Chocolate

Michael Altman and Tumbador Chocolate exemplify the type of employers that hire STRIVE graduates and assist them in advancing their careers!

In Brooklyn, New York, Michael Altman runs Tumbador Chocolate in partnership with Jean-Fran├žois Bonnet, a French chef, creating and marketing an innovative line of chocolate specialties. Among Tumbador's steady customers are several of New York's best-known luxury hotels. Since founding the company in 2006, Michael has hired many STRIVE graduates, who currently comprise nearly half of his staff.

It's important to Michael for employers to realize that fulfilling the STRIVE mission isn't about simply giving a graduate a job. It's about being committed to that individual, and supporting them in succeeding in every aspect of their life. Without question, a key part of this is excelling at their jobs, gaining recognition, and advancing at work. A strong believer in promoting from within, Michael sends staff members to trade conferences where they are exposed to industry innovations, and they come back with a heightened sense of partnership in the success of the company.

Michael Altman is excited about being at the helm of a growing community of hard-working and resourceful STRIVE graduates. The Job Developers at STRIVE have learned the specific attributes that Michael seeks in new hires, and he relies on them, as true partners, to send him qualified applicants when new positions open up. And the cycle of success continues to grow at Tumbador - sweetly - for all involved.