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Sugar Rush: Tumbador Chocolates at Murray's Cheese

Posted by Kathy YL Chan, February 23, 2009 at 4:30 PM

The Ring Ding

Ever since Ed said Tumbador chocolates were sold at Murray's Cheese, I have found myself stopping into Murray's less often for cheese and more often for dessert. I might enter with the intention of getting a ball of fresh burrata, but now I can't leave without a Scooter Bar or Ring Ding too. These whimsical confections are made by Jean-Francois Bonnet, former pastry chef at Daniel, and they are certainly worth your time, attention, and calories.

Mallowdreams, sold in trio packs, feature hand-piped marshmallow fluff enrobed in a dark chocolate shell. The Scooter Bars take things one step further, layering devil's food cake with caramel and marshmallows before a mother coating of dark chocolate. But my favorite of them all is the Ring Ding. I don't know what it is, but I find everything about it appealing (be it the adorable outfit of cheery red foil, or the perfect single serving size). Most important is the taste, of course, and goodness, does it satisfy.

The crackly thin chocolate shell harbors an inch and half tall round of moist, decadent devil's food cake. Fluffy white cream, perhaps a smidgen too sweet, is piped throughout the cake. Take a bite, and let all three components melt in your mouth at once. Utter bliss!

Murray's Cheese
254 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (b/n Cornelia and Leroy Streets